The Ekballo Lampstand


"10-4" Night Watch [M-F, Ekballo War Room]
With a desire to see laborers sent forth and the Gospel penetrate the hardest and darkest places on earth, we are committed to cover the darkest hours of the night in united prayer for our families, cities, nation and the unreached peoples of the earth. Each night is divided into three, 2-hour segments, each with a different prayer topic.

The Nightly Rumble [M-F, 10pm-12am, Ekballo War Room]
Each week night, from 10pm - 12am, we begin our "10-4" with a 2-hour corporate rumble in the War Room. During the school year, many from the Ekballo community are present for the nightly rumbles.

How you can be involved:
1. Join a Moravian-style 2-hr prayer watch.  These are simply 2-hour sessions of intercessors gathered in contending prayer and worship around a specific topic.

2. Co-lead / lead a Moravian 2-hr prayer watch. Please contact us at to begin the application process.

May the lamp of intercession and worship burn day and night until the light of God has penetrated every nation, tongue and tribe!