Ekballo School Culture

The Ekballo school cultivates a culture of modeling the life message that is taught through the classroom lectures. We aim to live and model a lifestyle of daily prayer, worship and the proclamation of the Gospel. We begin with the cultivation of the presence of God in worship and prayer and then minister out of the overflow of our personal encounters with God.

The atmosphere of the school is built around friendship with God first, and then carrying His love to the world. Personal time with the Lord and our priority of worship is a primary piece to the blueprint of contending prayer and passionate proclamation of the Gospel. Love walked out, purity, and passion define our community. We’re a LIFE movement, so we place great value on family and the generations co-laboring together.

We’re also a prophetic ministry that tends to live at the tip of the arrow of revelation to pioneer in contending prayer and fruitful ministry. Students get the opportunity to experience prophetic whirlwinds, the fruit of answered prayer, and see history changed. However, they leave with a sustained culture of life in Christ that will impact nations wherever they go.

"America is receiving Her apostles, prophets, and evangelists, but she has not yet seen her Nazirites!” – Lou Engle

God is raising up a generation and calling for young people to consecrate themselves to the Lord as Nazirites and become the hinge of history.

Ekballo is not for the faint of heart or lazy. It is an extremely fast-paced season of schooling, but the training is pivotal and strategic. We believe the intensity soon translates into “becoming.” Things that are at first foreign and done only to fulfill requirements, gradually become second nature as students literally become the message. Experiencing this together as a community multiplies it exponentially to spur one another on as they realize their unique identities, gifts, and destinies.

The intensity of our assignments and the incredibly fast paced environment creates a need for discipleship, personal responsibility, and accountability in our students. This is accomplished through weekly one-on-ones with an assigned second or third year student, meeting with our family groups, and living amidst a loving community which embraces transparency and honesty.

Ekballo is not for those who are looking for a place to recover from addictive lifestyles. We would encourage you to find more of an all encompassing discipleship school and less of an assignment based school to grow stronger in your daily relationship with the Lord first.