Meet Jeremiah Mott, Ekballo Music worship artist and student at Ekballo Pasadena. Like most of our students, Jeremiah wrote his first 3 songs during his first year in our worship track, and brought forth anthemic worship songs with great power and authority. Jeremiah is a strong warrior in his worship and intercession. He has a unique ability to compose pieces of music that express immense strength and passion, but also true humility and surrender. He carries a great anointing in leading the charge on the front-lines of the spiritual battle for this next generation, and we are truly excited and expectant to see how the Lord will use him to shift the culture around us. We are honored to feature his first 3 songs on our debut album project! Here’s a snippet of lyrics from one of the songs he wrote:


© 2018 Jeremiah Mott

With fear and great joy
I’ll pour forth my worship
With all of my heart
I’ll say that You’re wonderful

I’ll sing of Your name
Your cross I will proclaim

I say “You’ve won”
Your blood was shed for me
I know You’ve won
The mission is complete
Victorious One, You have become
Oh, my God has overcome

My religious, empty pride
Is nothing in Your glory
Satan was denied
And Jesus is our victory

Beaten and mocked, tempted and tried
My Jesus laid down to open my eyes
The Son of God was crucified
To take all my sins and conquer my pride