Meet Ken Chen, Ekballo Music worship artist and student at Ekballo Pasadena. Ken has come the furthest in our class, in terms of growth, development, and facing challenges head on and overcoming them. The beautiful thing about watching a student flourish after much hard work is that the depth of what comes out of them is deeper than it would have been if they hadn’t faced the difficult things and risen above them. What we’ve had the privilege of watching in Ken these past 2 years is many “ah ha” moments in which he finally had breakthrough in his skill sets as a songwriter in the contemporary worship genre. He has persevered faithfully, and the treasures that have come out of him have been stunning to behold! When we did a recent worship night, one of his songs was many people’s favorite song that night. We are proud to feature Ken’s songs on our upcoming album project! Congratulations Ken for all of your victories in this process! Here’s a snippet of lyrics from one of Ken’s songs:


© 2018 Ken Chen

He holds the scepter
His word has power
He’s the king we love
He sounds like thunder
Eyes are like fire
He is coming soon

He is holy and true
He is holy and true
Jesus holds the key to David’s House
Let us enter the royal court

The door He opened
No one can shut it
Our Salvation
The gate He opened
No one can shut it
He revives us

All blessing, all glory
Belong to you, Jesus Christ
We plead for salvation
For all tongues, for all tribes