The Hybrid: prayer & Proclamation

The Ekballo School of Prayer & Harvest is a school of worship, prayer and proclamation. In the early 1800’s, a powerful intercessor named Father Nash partnered with a fiery evangelist named Charles Finney. Nash would often go to a town 2-3 weeks in advance of Finney’s meetings to pray and fast. Through worship, prayer and fasting, Nash fought spiritual principalities in the city and prepared the atmosphere for revival. Next, Finney would come and proclaim the good news as Nash would pray in a nearby building / room. In town after town, revival and mass salvations would often break out wherever these two labored together.

Ekballo School of Prayer & Harvest seeks to train students to cultivate lives of daily worship and intimacy with Christ, contending prayer and fasting, and the fiery proclamation of the good news, with signs and wonders following. This model of worship and contending prayer married with missions, will equip these message bearers to be effective laborers wherever they are called on the mission field.

Worship / Intimacy: All missional efforts are fruitless apart from intimacy with Christ. With an unending chorus of worship and ceaseless prayer, we desire to minister to the Lord day and night and to cry out for “speedy justice” (Luke 18) from one geographical location. In essence, our desire is to move beyond normal prayer meetings to inspire and nurture a culture of prayer (Isaiah 56:7; Psalm 132).

Contending Prayer: Classes and daily war room prayer sets are used to teach the art of contending intercession, in the context of the Moravian-style prayer room. Much of the prayer and intercession materials are resourced through TheCall.

Missional Outreach: Regular opportunities of outreach, through evangelism, expressions of radical love, signs and wonders will be provided to the student.